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Self Tanning Tips

Please follow my before + after (spray) tan tips

Be sure to shave, shower + exfoliate. Start by applying a light application of body lotion to your elbows, knees, heels + any other dry areas. Apply self tanner in long circular motions beginning at the arms working inward and down the body so the color is evenly distributed. If using mousse, pump into the center of your applicator mitt. Keep your palm up + squeeze your fingers to your palm to distribute foam onto mitt before applying. If using a self tanning lotion, I recommend using your hands to evenly distribute over the body. The Applicator mitt is essential for the blending process. Wash the palms of your hands. Carefully wipe in between your fingers + toes and all your nail beds. IMPORTANT STEP NEXT! Finish by using your applicator mitt to blend your feet, ankles, hands + wrist. Wait a minimum of 8 hours to shower. If your color is not as dark as desired, REAPPLY every day until you reach the perfect glow. To maintain your flawless glow, use your self tanner every 4 days for continued color. Please follow my post tan tips to prolong you tan.

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