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All the lil' extras I include in every Luster Tan

It's not just about spray tanning. It's about creating the best experience for every client every time! Watch this video as I explain all the lil' extras I add to every Luster Tan. Xoxo

Extras!: Welcome

Sticky Feet

Prevents discoloration on the soles of your feet for a more natural looking tan

Hair Cap

Protects your hair from spray tanning solutions & keeps stray hairs off your neck

Barrier Cream

Prevents product penetration on areas such as nail beds, palms, knees & elbows, and soles of your feet

Extras!: Services

pH Balancer

enhances moisture, fights the main causes of uneven fading + discoloration, and improves spray tan life by 20-30%

Finishing Powder

Eliminates post-sticky feeling & protects tan as it develops

Instant results

Guaranteed tan lines every time!

Extras!: Services
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