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Spray Tan Tips

Day before your tan

Please shave, shower, & exfoliate. Schedule all manicures, pedicures, waxing & hair services the day before your appointment.

Day of your tan

Shower and make sure to rinse off all lotions, perfumes, deodorants & oils. If you must wear deodorant, use natural based only.

What to expect

Your appointment time will take 30 minutes or less. Please dress down to your comfort level. You can wear a swimsuit, bikini, bra+panties, go topless, or tan nude.

After your tan

Allow a minimum of 8 hours before showering ( 2-4 hours for rapid solution). Wear loose fitting clothes & avoid sports bras. Tight clothing can give you tan lines & remove your color. Avoid getting wet or any activity that involves sweating. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR SKIN WITH YOUR HANDS!! If spray tan solution is transferred to the palms of your hands, or soles of your feet, they will turn orange!

Day after tan

Allow a minimum of 8 hours before showering. Stay hydrated & moisturize at least twice daily. Avoid anything that could potentially exfoliate your skin. After showering pat dry & be sure to use a new razor for shaving. Your tan should last up to 7-10 days

Tan Tips: FAQ
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